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Mobile Call Now 117/119, St Lucia's Street, Valletta

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Eduard le Roux
12:50 03 Sep 18
Great food and wine selection. The evening set dinner menu is €27.50, consists of about 7 courses (they say it varies depending on what is available), excluding wine and dessert. Their selection of Maltese wine is good and their have their own "house made" wine on offer.
Cathy Marsden
16:12 14 Sep 18
The restaurant managed to squeeze us in last minute, and the staff were lovely. The tasting menu was several courses including vegetables, bread, fish and meat and was very tasty. I would definitely recommend booking!
Ozan Varol
16:45 19 Sep 18
The best meal we had in Malta. Their menu is a 7-10 course tasting menu at 27.50 Euros, which makes it one of the most inexpensive, yet delicious, tasting menus I've experienced. Terrific ambiance and friendly staff. This is a must when you're visiting Valetta.
Dylan Kluth
07:44 03 Oct 18
Delicious spot in an excellent location. We should have reserved ahead of time but were glad we waited - the service was excellent, and everything was delicious. Go here to try local dish rabbit... but then again our group wouldn't shut up about the tapenade (go figure).
Kostas Spyropoulos
21:28 08 Oct 18
A true Maltese cuisine experience.everything was fabulous. Really friendly and helpful staff. The 9 course menu is more than enough so make sure you're hungry on arrival.
pawel bork
12:44 12 Oct 18
Delicious and quality food. Perfect wine. If you don't want to disappoint I recommend go there.
Ty Vaz
03:43 22 Oct 18
An awesome dinning experience on the tasting menu and a great way to flavour and taste what Malta has to offer. Super friendly and attentive staff.
Charlie Houseago
17:22 13 Jul 18
Unusual and interesting 7 course taster menu of food from Malta and around the Mediterranean. Portions were very generous and left feeling like I had eaten several full meals!
Louise Brockbank
20:24 16 Nov 18
Excellent food, really good wine and friendly service. We had such a wonderful time on our last night in Valletta, would thoroughly recommend for a variety of Maltese food and great atmosphere!
Tristan Dexter
23:27 06 Nov 18
Top quality food! A tasting menu like no other! Great wines, great service and fantastically cooked food, always a great night when I visit.
Susannah Brockbank
20:26 16 Nov 18
We've spent a week eating really well in Malta and this was the icing on the cake. Every morsel was delicious and the rest wine offset it perfectly. The service was friendly and relaxed. And the value for money was great. Literally can't recommend this place highly enough.
Frances Mifsud
08:59 01 Dec 18
Friendly staff, great service and nice ambience. Great food! I highly recommend
Matthew Scerri
23:00 10 Dec 18
Great place for business dinner. Exquisite food, and good wines with nice ambience. Thank you!
Sobbuh Behrouzi
10:28 02 Dec 18
*Vegetarian Review* They offer a vegetarian version of their tasting menu, 27.5 eur for 5-9 dishes. More of a 4*, but a google maps 5*. Simple preparations of vegetables, which are good, but not spectacular. Very homey. Not a must go, but my favourite of 4 dinners in Valletta. Very friendly service, great atmosphere -- there was an old man playing guitar when we were there, and with great value food & wine, everyone seemed to be enjoying dinner.read more
Richard Coxon
22:03 17 Mar 19
You get their 6-7 course tasting menu without choice, but it was a wonderful mix of local and Mediterranean tastes. Excellent local wine and the best trifle I have ever tasted!
Douglas Barrie
06:39 09 Apr 19
Fantastic. You pay a set price 29e and they serve 8 different platters from a set menu. The food is beautiful and very Maltese. The venue is lovely and the staff very attentive. Don't miss it
Mary Lourdes Cini
18:42 05 Apr 19
What a lovely experience. A place to eat with a difference. The variety of dishes presented from the tasting menu were cooked to perfection. Highly recommended.
Kip Heath
17:45 23 Feb 19
Visited for a birthday meal last month - there's no choice in the menu, you get a collection of tasting plates based on what they've cooked that day, but it was all brilliant. Completely understanding of allergies, and we had a wonderful selection of local Maltese food. Would highly recommend!
Alexandra Bartis
21:06 25 Feb 19
Amazing everything! Cute cosy place. The food was delicious. Very good price and great service. One of the best in Malta
Michelle Olson
12:22 17 Apr 19
With tiled floors and brick arches, this is an intimate cellar wine bar, serving Maltese tapas alongside a fine list of tipples. The name means 'glug' in Maltese. Dinner includes up to nine small dishes, while there is a cheaper three-dish option for lunch. Bookings recommended.
Daniele Bonaldo
20:59 20 Apr 19
The place is pretty cozy and peculiar, looking like a wine cellar. Speaking of wine the selection is great, with the possibility of ordering half bottles. The food is very good too, with only a tasting option for 28,50€ which will bring you between 6 and 9 local dishes, all of which very tasty. Visited this place for dinner, during spring 2019.
Rochelle Shuman
14:44 20 Apr 19
Staff very nice and accommodating. Nice variety of local food. Great cheesecake.
Ioana-Roxana Bob
04:40 29 Apr 19
Amazing food. And if you get the taste menu.. Wow! You get so many options, so varied and delicious! And all authentic. So if you wanna get a taste of malta.. This is a great place to do it! The wine selection is also great so makes the wait for the food very enjoyable.
Marishka Kashtanova
09:06 15 May 19
It is an incredible place! Don't be alarmed by the antique plates, they contribute to this place's atmosphere. The food is delicious and ALOT!!
16:15 09 May 19
Perfection. What a fantastic find. We had a lazy lunch this afternoon and were delighted by the genuine warm hospitality and delicious food. The owner(?) had a genuine interest in ensuring our visit was personal and when asked for a wine to compliment our food he gave us tasters and wanted to give us the best experience rather than selling something more expensive which was not to our taste. We felt very welcome and comfortable because they were the perfect hosts. I hope this place never changes.read more
Angela Erickson
17:23 29 Jul 19
We went twice during our 3 day stay in Valetta. Chris was so nice and fun to talk to about the food. We loved all of the different items on their tasting menus. Definitely a MUST GO restaurant for lunch or dinner. I'm sad we live so far away. I wish we could eat there all the time. Thanks for a great experience.
Andrew Wong
08:51 29 Jun 19
Great tasting menu with very friendly staff. The restaurant itself is nicely decorated with nice vintage plates. Food was fantastic, with some local Maltese dishes and great Mediterranean flavours. The meal was very satisfying but not too heavy. Highly recommended!
Deborah Kuo
16:27 03 Jul 19
The restaurant features a tasting menu of (mostly?) local Maltese cuisine. If you want to taste a series of foods, this is a great idea. You get a little bit of everything. If you want your own dish, don't bother. Execution of the food is excellent and the wine selection is pretty good (I'm no expert!). I liked that the meal was not overly heavy and we didn't feel bloated and like beached whales afterwards. We tried a Maltese wine and really enjoyed it with the meal. The service was a bit hit and miss where some of the servers really seemed to know what was happening and had good recommendations and explanations of the food/drink while others were probably tasked with simply bringing you the food/drink. In terms of pricing, I would say it was decent and worth what we paid. They are also reasonably accommodating to any specific allergies/dislikes etc. I wouldn't say this restaurant is particularly accessible to get in/around, but much of the city can pose a challenge in this regard. Location is good and just hidden from the main central streets.read more
Br Bog
20:57 17 Aug 19
A gem! great service, very laid back. Especially great tasting menu, we were happy with every dish! We would definitely go back.
Dave Parker
05:48 23 Aug 19
Recommended to us by some local Maltese as a great place to sample different styles of food. And it was excellent. Everything was beautifully cooked and the seven courses filled us up. The place is relaxed and welcoming, and the staff are really friendly. No photos, I was too busy eating!
Gill Parker
05:58 23 Aug 19
Fabulous concept! No menu, just 7 courses of Maltese dishes for €30pp. Great way to taste local food, including lampuki, rabbit, octopus, mussels and local cheese. We ended our meal with homemade cream of limoncello, delicious! Staff were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Booking recommended.
Aviad Hadad
18:57 26 Aug 19
Pleasent atmosphere, great food, the tasting menu was nothing short of an experience. Only thing better than the food was the service. 10/10.
James Camilleri
09:15 03 Nov 18
Never disappointed by Legligin. Excellent food, and it keeps on coming until your fit to burst. Really great way to sample local cuisine.
facundo zapata
12:20 28 Nov 18
Nice place with tasty home cooked meat based plates and a big selection of wines. The people is really friendly also. Expect a check of €40 per capita.
Emmanuel Micallef Farrugia
20:36 11 Dec 18
Was very good and good wines, just the food is nothing to write home about and the place is small and having a giant fridge making noises behind us wasn't too fun. Yet excellent wine none the less.
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